WATCH: 72-Year-Old Bill Kosman’s Rap Video

Music inspired by the violence of Philadelphia.

Via Daniel Rubin at The Talk, here’s William Kosman’s video, Six Foot Tall:

Rubin explains:

For the past 10 years the retired marketing exec from Queen Village has been putting oils on canvas and painting what he felt – landscapes, cityscapes and increasingly the troubling toll of shootings on the news and in his city and near his rowhouse.

Words started coming to him – and so he wrote a rap three years ago.

His wife is French – he met her in the 1960s when he reported out of Paris for Business Week – and they’ve inherited a family house in Normandy, where he goes each summer to paint. This past summer, he took his rap – first written in a journal, then typed onto a Mac – to a musician friend named Denis Vaucelle who composed some music for a video. Kosman put it all together using iMovie, and the result is called “Six Feet Tall.”

Now to be sure, “rap” doesn’t seem to quite fit. Kosman raps in the same wasy Gil-Scott Heron did, which is to say: He speaks some politically frustrated words over some jazzy music, and it all adds up somehow.