Rev. Frank Schaefer Refuses to Uphold Anti-Gay Methodist Doctrine, Says He Won’t Surrender Credentials

Rev. Frank Schaefer — the Methodist pastor who was punished for officiating his son’s gay wedding — is nearing the end of his 30-day suspension, a time when he is supposed to either vow to accept Church doctrine that says homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching,” or hand over his credentials.

In a bold move, Schaefer held a press conference in Philly this morning, where NBC10 reports he said, “I cannot voluntarily surrender my credentials because I am a force now for many, for tens of thousands of LGBT members in our church.”

So does that mean he’ll accept the doctrine? No way. He followed up the previous statement with, “I cannot uphold the United Methodist Book of Discipline in its entirety. . … I cannot uphold those discriminatory laws … that are hurtful and harmful to our homosexual brothers and sisters in the church.”

According to NBC10 reporter Matt DeLucia, who was there tweeting the presser, 30 church members showed up to show their support for Schaefer and to sign a petition that will be delivered to Bishop Peggy Johnson. It asks her to stop holding religious trials for pastors who perform gay marriage ceremonies.

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