Wait, There’s a Chris Christie Scandal Going On?


Nothing makes the North Jersey/South Jersey divide clearer than the lack of ink spilled down here on the Chris Christie news that’s been all the talk of North Jersey politics this week. What news, you say? Exactly. Here’s what’s been going on.

In September, two of the George Washington Bridge’s three toll lanes were eliminated, causing massive traffic jams for an entire week in Fort Lee, NJ, on the Hudson River bluffs. The Wall Street Journal and others have reported that Christie had a deputy make the move in order to punish the (Democratic) mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting his re-election. Today, the Journal threw some more fuel on the fire, reporting that Christie personally called New York governor Andrew Cuomo to complain about a Port Authority official who was “pressing too hard” to get to the bottom of the lane closures.

These aren’t exactly allegations of a sex scandal, to be sure. But if true, opponents could use this flap to promote an image of a bullying, petty Christie. Indeed, at least one Democratic SuperPac, American Bridge is already doing it while Rachel Maddow has latched onto the story as well.

Image distributed by American Bridge PAC

Image distributed by American Bridge PAC