7 Gayest Covers of Mariah Carey’s
“All I Want for Christmas is You”

You can groan all you want about how you hate holiday music, but I dare you to sit in a room where Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is cranking and not get touched — at least a little — by the Christmas spirit. From the opening jingle bells to the reindeer-prancing beats, the song is undoubtedly one of the catchiest holiday tunes to come out of our generation — and a bona-fide greatest hit in Mimi’s catalog (61,342,438 YouTubers agree.)

Like every musical success, the song inspired an army of remakes — some really good (hi, Ariana), most horrible and many just flat out gay, gay, gay. It’s the latter attempts that I’m focusing on today, rounding up a handful of homo-tastic renditions by everyone from the cast of Glee and Justin Bieber (rumor has it that Mariah only agreed to let him do it if he sang it in the original key) to a expectedly hilarious go by drag legend Lady Bunny. So trim the tree, grab a candy cane and let these renditions make your yuletide gay(er)!

Lady Bunny

Justin Beiber feat. Mariah Carey



Chicago Gay Hockey Association

San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus


Not sure who this singer is, but hello, sexy Santas


All hail the original. Can’t nobody do it like Mariah