Temple Hires Dogs to Help Students Take Exams

C'mon the students aren't that bad!

Temple has hired doggies from Therapy Day International to help students during exam period, which starts on Tuesday, December 10th. Though they may be asked to take tests as well, their primary function will be to provide therapy for stress-out students.

There will be three or four dogs at each of the sessions, accompanied by their owners and handlers. Faculty, staff, students and guests are all welcome to participate. Students will not be required to fill out any documentation as the Office of Risk Management has already signed off on the event.

“Think of your typical final day – you might have two or three [finals] back-to-back,” Kathy Lehman, supervisor at the Paley Library Circulation Desk and Reserve, said. “Imagine taking a break between two of them and just rolling on the floor with a big fluffy dog and  feeling sort of happy and relaxed and positive.”

This is apparently a nationwide trend. Hey, whatever [probably] works. [Owlery]