That Toy Thief You Saw On the News? She Wasn’t a Thief.

Toys for Tots volunteer is *steamed.*

Screenshot from NBC 10, which ran with the initial ‘toy thief’ story.

Turns out it’s not just internet news, fueled by social media, that jumps to conclusions without verifying stories. A built-for-TV news story that ever-so-briefly flooded Philadelphia airwaves turns out well, to be completely wrong.

This week, footage emerged of a woman “stealing” toys out of a donation box at a local wings joint. Turns out, and this makes perfect sense, she was just a Toys for Tots volunteer in Bucks County. And she’s distraught about the mix-up.

She said she woke up this morning to a barrage of text messages from her son, saying she was being called a toy thief. “I’ve been frantic all day, crying all day,” [Mimi] McHale.

Either way, ’tis the season for toys-for-tots-thieves stories. Remember, almost exactly a year ago, someone stole a toy bin from outside a Chestnut Hill cheese shop. Or…Was he too a volunteer?!

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