Victim’s Photo Leads to Arrest in Broad Street Puncher Case

Lesson: Don't punch someone who is holding a camera.

Colt Younger

In November, we told you about the woman who took a photo (left) of the man who allegedly punched her at Broad and Arch, a split second after he hit her in broad daylight. That same man was also accused of punching another woman within the same week at a SEPTA station at Broad and Erie. Now, police have a suspect in custody.

Colt Younger, 26, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with two counts of simple assault and one count each of recklessly endangering another person and harassment. That’s his mugshot on the right. His capture occurred in no small part because of the photo that the victim managed to capture. Younger, who resides in Germantown, is locked up in lieu of $25,000 bail.

SEPTA Police originally questioned Younger prior to Thanksgiving. At that time, SEPTA spokesperson Jerri Williams told me that Younger was operating “at a diminished capacity.”

There was a lot of debate over whether these incidents were examples of the so-called knockout game in Philadelphia. Knockout game or no knockout game, we’re just happy to learn that the police have someone in custody.

“It makes me feel a bit like it’s more of a single crazy person and not like North Philadelphia is just a difficult place to be,” says the woman who was attacked at Broad and Erie. “Though obviously if it really is the knockout game, it’s something bigger and arresting this one person isn’t going to solve the problem.”

Below, video of the Broad and Erie attack: