HILARIOUS: Brian Sims Named “Potential Suitor” for Olympic Diver Tom Daley

brian sims enda

Queerty just released a list of seven potential suitors for 19-year-old Tom Daley, the Olympic diver who came out this week via a sweet YouTube video. On the list — believe it or not — is our very own Brian Sims, who shares the stage with a bunch of celebs, like Glee‘s Chris Colfer and R&B crooner Frank Ocean. Here’s why the writer thinks Sims would be a good match:

Former college football star turned Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims made national headlines earlier this year when he was silenced by Pennsylvania House Republicans for speaking out about DOMA. Shortly after the incident, we had an opportunity to interview the 32-year-old state legislator/LGBT activist and, in our hard-hitting journalistic manner, asked him if he might per chance be single. He confirmed that he was. In the unlikely event that the rising stud muffin is still on the market, he’d make an ideal match for us — er — Tom.

He’s older, he’s wiser, and he could help turn Daley’s 2.5 million Twitter followers into a political machine. What’s not to love?

Funny, huh? What other Pennsylvania politician would wind up on a list like this?! And while we’re on the topic of funny places Brian Sims shows up on the Internet, have you ever done a Google search for his name? Type in “Brian Sims” and check out the auto-complete suggestions that pop up. Topping the list is “Brian Sims boyfriend,” and coming in at a close third is “Brian Sims shirtless.”

Hilarious. To see who else made Queerty’s list of potential suitors for Tom Daley, go here.