Sixers Will Retire Allen Iverson’s Number

They will do so at a game. Not at practice.

If it’s starting to feel like Allen Iverson’s post-playing NBA career has lasted nearly as long as his career, you’re not alone. The Sixers have announced they’ll retire Iverson’s number March 1, during a game against the Washington Wizards.

This, of course, comes just months after Iverson’s official retirement from basketball, which in turn happened a year after the Sixers trotted Iverson out like a mascot—retired in all but name—for a playoff game against the Celtics. We’ve been celebrating the end of Iverson’s career for awhile now.

Nothing wrong with that. But riddle me this: Why is Iverson so beloved in this town and Donovan McNabb not? McNabb, by pretty much any measure, was far more accomplished at the team level then Iverson during their careers here, yet it’s Iverson who is beloved and McNabb who is treated as a semi-pariah. What am I not getting?