WEEKEND ROUNDUP: World AIDS Day Events, New Hope Tree Lighting

Photo courtesy: ShutterStock

We get it: Sunday is the day of the week tailor-made for lazing around in sweatpants, sans guilt or worry. (For the more fortunate among us, anyway.) But this Sunday marks the 25th observance of World AIDS Day since its Swiss inception in 1988, which should push everyone to not only get out of bed, but stop, think and get serious, too. The proof is in the pudding: This alarming interactive map shows just how pervasive AIDS continues to be, well past the peak of the frenzy-inducing peak of the epidemic.

In other words, it’s kind of a problem.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved in the region this year. Kicking off the weekend’s AIDS-awareness events, Philly FIGHT and Bishop Ernest McNear will host the fifth annual Prayer Breakfast at the Radisson BLU-Warwick hotel, featuring keep-it-real speeches from four of the region’s religious leaders. Across the river? Pop by brunch at the Camden Area Health Education Center, where your $20 gets you scrambled eggs and the feel-good warm and fuzzies of donating to the center’s educational efforts. Alternatively, if you’re looking to donate to the cause while not leaving your bedroom (and still getting a little something material out of it), take a gander at Margo Manhattan’s specially designed red-ribbon lapel, once donned by Elizabeth Taylor. Funds from each purchase are donated to a charity of the company’s choice for AIDS awareness.

Rounding out the weekend, Voyeur’s raising awareness (and cold-hard cash) in style: The after-hours club will host the CODE RED drag extravaganza on Sunday night, hosted by Cherry Pop and Brandon Robert, and featuring more than 30 (!) performances, including numbers by Brooklyn Ford, Brittany Lynn, The Goddess Isis, Satine Harlow and more. Proceeds benefit: Mazzoni Center, MANNA and AIDS Fund Philly.

7-11 p.m., $10-$15 (VIP seats are $100), Voyeur, 1221 St. James St.