White House Asks America to Choose Which Pardoned Turkey Is Awesomer

Two turkeys enter. Only one turkey leaves.

This seems weird: Instead of just, you know, pardoning a turkey at Thanksgiving, the White House is giving America two candidates for survival, birds that go by the charming names of “Caramel” and “Popcorn.” “Both turkeys will be pardoned, but only the American people will decide which bird takes the title.” America will decide which is which. So go vote!

The nice thing? The White House page includes sound files for each bird, so you can hear the soft, warm gobbles.

Maybe this is the Obama Administration’s way of teaching us all that our food comes from someplace, that we live in a Circle of Life, and that we, like the Native Americans before us, should respect the soul of the critters that provide us with sustenance. Probably, nobody thought through the optics. Whatever. All we know is that we’re on Team Caramel. Why? Why not?