Penn Students Gotta Dance, Dance, Dance

Students want to earn credit for graduation based on their ability to get footloose.

We did not know this until today, but apparently the Penn campus is a dusty Oklahoma town ruled by religious fundamentalists who can’t stand the thought of their kids dancing. Now the kids are fighting back with a tool feared by tyrants everywhere: A petition. Penn students want their dance class so they can earn graduation credits based on their ability to get footloose, dammit!

After receiving over 500 signatures on their petition and hosting a “Dance Dance Revolution” event last week to raise awareness about their cause, organizers of the campaign plan to meet with a professor from the Provost’s Art and Culture Faculty Steering Committee to push for further administrative changes. Organizers are also trying to meet with College of Arts Sciences Dean Dennis DeTurck.

Penn is the only school in the Ivy League that does not offer dance courses.

“It is unfair that dance is the only performing art not offered for a credit at Penn to the current students here,” (President of Penn Hype and College senior Brian) Hsia said. “It also makes us less competitive in the eyes of prospective students who also love dance, in relation to other colleges and the other Ivy League schools.”

Are students really not coming to Penn because there’s no accredited dance class on campus? This probably explains Wharton’s recent problems. The school isn’t losing competitiveness because it doesn’t have a startup-oriented culture: It’s losing because it doesn’t have a “Get It Started!” culture!

Penn students are the best. A constant reminder that the Ivy League-trained future leaders of America are just as silly and shallow as the rest of us.