Horrible, Horrible People Kill Horse in Drive-By on Amish Buggy

Shooting took place in Lancaster County.

Now it’s true that your humble writer grew up among Mennonites, and thus has a warm feeling for the Amish community in Lancaster County. It’s also true that your humble writer thinks animal cruelty is perpetrated by bullies and other low-down types. So you can imagine how your humble writer feels about news that a horse was killed Monday night in a drive-by shooting that targeted an Amish buggy.

Pretty cranky, is how.

WHTM reports:

According to officials, an Amish buggy carrying five passengers was traveling north in the 100 block of North Ronks Road at around 9 p.m.

An unidentified car passed the buggy, and authorities said a loud noise described as sounding like a firecracker. The car did not stop.

When the buggy arrived home at a farm approximately one mile away, it was discovered that the horse was bleeding from the mouth.

I’m not sure what kind of person you have to be to attack animals, who are by their nature relatively defenseless, or the Amish, whose ethic renders them vulnerable to such assaults. Hurting such people and animals doesn’t make you stronger or braver or bigger or more powerful than anybody. Instead, it’s the very definition of a cowardly act.