MONDAY KICKSTARTER: Judge Sets Date for Hearing on Pa. Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Photo courtesy: ShutterStock, Andrey Burmakin

Photo courtesy: ShutterStock, Andrey Burmakin

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Mark your calendar: Federal judge sets June 9 as date for hearing challening Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban


Bachmann disappoints again, refuses to include gay parents in adoption resolution

Dan Savage calls out Mary Cheney on marriage stance

President Obama signs bill that would eliminate ban on research involving transplant of HIV-infected organs between HIV-positive patients

City of Houston to offer benefits to employees in same-sex relationships


Vladmir Putin advocates against ‘xenophobia’ toward Russian gays; world collectively scratches its head

Slur alert: British soccer star to face trial after making anti-gay gesture during a game

Hundreds of New Delhi activists march for gay rights

New poll shows a majority (52 percent) of Mexicans support marriage equality

Sweden opens its first LGBT retirement home


Colorado school board member thinks trans people should be “castrated” before being allowed into gender-matching restrooms pre-reassignment-surgery

Meanie baker: A cake made for a Virginia lesbian that was supposed to say, “Happy Anniversary, Lindsey! Love, Sarah” instead said, “Lesbian Aniv. No Balloons” upon pickup

Children from homes of “homosexual or bisexual activity” banned from North Carolina school


Lady Gaga shows up to the American Music Awards on a horse …

HBO releases some behind-the-scenes footage from new gay dramedy Looking

Bill O’Reilly attacks Glee for including a trans teen; Alex Newell fires back

Ellen puts Hallmark executives in their place over ornament controversy

Jane Fonda, Lee Daniels honored at Outfest Awards