10 Totally Handsome Men Born as Women [NSFW]

A German pole vaulter, Balian Buschbaum underwent gender-reassignment surgery in 2008 as Yvonne Buschbaum.

A must-see list of successful, super-studly (and oh-so-hairy!) trans men has been making the rounds around the Web this week, and it’s beyond enthralling. Not that we needed proof that the trans community has a host of folks who make for some va-va-voom sensations, but wow!

It’s not just the men making the rounds in headlines, either: Season Three Drag Race contestant Carmen Carrera made waves last week when she was considered for a Victoria’s Secret modeling gig. (One that would be well-deserved, if you ask us.) At last count, Carrera had 42,464 signed petitions of a desired 50,000 on Change.org. She would be the first trans Victoria’s Secret model.

Even in light of some continually disturbing trends, we’ll call it an all-in-all strong week for recognition of the trans community.

Take a look at the list of female-to-male hunks here, and judge for yourself how high they rank on the Hottie Scale.