WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tamika Sherman & Griselle Morales

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On Nov. 3, Tamika Sherman & Griselle Morales were joined in marriage at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, Pa. The wedding officiant, Colleen McDermott of Marry Me Philadelphia, shares the story:

Tamika and Griselle fell in love two years ago and decided to marry, and they began planning their wedding with me in March 2013. Throughout the months leading up to the big day, it became apparent that both Tamika and Griselle, each bringing a child of their own into this union, had a very loving family that not only supported their love but helped to make the wedding as wonderful as it was.

The wedding venue was absolutely stunning and the bridal party proudly stood by Tamika and Griselle. They also had a family unity candle-lighting to include the children. At conclusion of the ceremony, the guests applauded as Tamika and Griselle walked down the aisle together, united as one. Tamika and Griselle headed back to the bridal suite to share celebratory champagne and private family moments just before the reception. They topped  off their wedding with an amazing weeklong honeymoon to Bora Bora.

Tamika and Griselle agreed to share some photos of their wedding day, plus a few shots from their fab honeymoon. Check them out in the slideshow below. If you have wedding day photos to share with the community, please email a small announcement and images to