Victim of South Street Shootout Dies

Brawl started inside the Mixed Plate.

At 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, a massive fight erupted inside the Mixed Plate, on the 200 block of South Street. The fighting poured into the street, where a man suffered multiple gun wounds to the torso. He later died at Jefferson hospital. The suspect, who police say was running and firing his gun at the same time, was chased down by police and later taken to the hospital for injuries.

No charges have been filed yet, but we do have this to report: A guy whose apartment was hit by a stray bullet says he might have been hit…if he had still been doing his Christmas decorations.

Shilling is feeling blessed. He went to bed early because he was tired from putting up holiday decorations. The stray bullet hit his living room wall barely missing the top of his Christmas tree. “If I had decided to finish it yesterday, I could have been in the bullet’s line. So I was very lucky that I got tired,” he said.

It’s great that he’s OK, but may this be a lesson to all of us that Christmas decorations should never be put up before December. [6 ABC]