Transgender Woman Performs Duet with Pre-Transition Self

A transgender woman, Kayhar, who racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views with a video she released in September that chronicled her gender transformation, has released this other, one-of-a-kind work where she actually sings a duet with her pre-transition self.

The song is a cover of “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks, which she hopes makes a statement about the slow progress of the trans community. “Despite some minor advances, society still sees us as only one of two things: sex objects or punch lines, she told The Huffington Post. Through my music, I hope to change that. Now is the time for a trans revolution. We’re more than what the media and society has portrayed us to be and the time has come to correct those wrongs.”

Check out the video above. If you like it, keep track of her work via her YouTube channel.