WATCH: Dr. J.’s Five Best Commercials

The doctor is in town tonight to promote his book. He's no stranger to making pitches.

Sixers legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving will be giving a free talk tonight as a part of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Author Event series.

The Doctor, who mesmerized Sixer fans from 1976 to 1987, will discuss his life on and off of the court, as well as to promote his recently released book Dr. J: The Autobiography (in which we learn some things we wish we could unlearn). Of course, the good doctor is no stranger to shilling products. In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, let’s look back at the top five Dr. J commercials.

5. Crown Royal, 2013

No words needed in this one. The Doctor doesn’t have to tell you that you should be drinking Crown Royal. The simple fact that The Doctor drinks Crown Royal tells you that you, too, should be drinking Crown Royal.

4. Crest, 1983

If Dr. J needs to get a tube of toothpaste up to his wife on the second floor of their home, he doesn’t take the stairs. Instead, takes off from the coffee table and dunks that Crest over the banister like it’s the 1976 ABA Dunk Contest.

3. Dr. Pepper, 2008

This one fell in our rankings because Dr. Pepper didn’t spring for actual game footage of Julius. But did you see the sheer concentration on his face as he sinks that ice cube?

2. Converse, 1985

Having three of the greatest basketball players of all time in one commercial is great enough; knowing that this happened prior to the taping of that commercial makes it that much better.

1. Converse, 1977

Afro? Check. Greatest Sixer’s uniform of all time? Check. Personal theme song? Check. Obligatory dunks over random guys on a team with no name? Check. Greatest Dr. J commercial ever? Check.