Tom Corbett Embarks on The Saddest Re-election Campaign of Doom Ever*

*Unless, of course, he mounts one of the biggest political combacks the state has ever seen.

Gov. Tom Corbett is announcing his re-election bid at this hour. Given his awful, awful approval ratings, today’s announcement means one of two things:

• He’s going to spend the next year flailing and sad, prone to Walking Dead parody political cartoons and killing the soul of any reporter stuck covering his campaign. Or…

• He’ll mount a Trumanesque combeback unlike anything Pennsylvania has ever seen.

What are those approval ratings again?

Citing a Franklin and Marshall College Poll last week showing only 20-percent of Pennsylvania voters believe he deserves re-election, Goeffrey Skelley – associate publisher of Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” – says that political website considers Corbett the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the nation next year.

“When you’re talking about numbers in the low 30s and even into the 20s for approval rating, it’s difficult to overcome that.”

Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and bet on the “saddest campaign ever” scenario. Then again, we took the under on Sixers wins, so maybe don’t listen to us.