Penn State’s Almost-Pick for President Has Problems of His Own

WE! ARE! Probably starting over, since our first pick was suspended from his current job.

After the sordid Jerry Sandusky mess and the way it tarred the reputations of half the people who once held responsibility at Penn State, “clean hands” probably is No. 1 among the job requirements for the university’s next president. Unfortunately, that apparently doesn’t describe the university’s first pick to be its next leader.

The Patriot-News reports:

Penn State University’s search for a new president uncovered questions about a SUNY official who was about to get the job in State College, according a report on

Instead, the news site reports, Upstate Medical University President Dr. David R. Smith has been placed on leave by the State University of New York over allegations he padded his pay.

Board members left an executive session Friday sharing little about where their process had run aground. Reading between the lines, however, the clear implication was that the search was going back a few steps.

The sad thing? Run-of-the-mill financial malfeasance would actually be an improvement from where the university has been the last two years.