5 New Gay Movies on Netflix

November is here, which means it’s not only the first full month of fall, but the official start of “snuggle up and watch a movie” season. The past few weeks has seen a nice variety of flicks to hit Netflix — ones that run the LGBT spectrum. You’ve got Cloudburst, which stars the great Olympia Dukakis as a lesbian who escapes from a nursing home with her partner and sets out on a trip to Canada. The magical Laurence Anyways follows a gay couple struggling to make it work after one of them comes out as transgender. And Out in the Dark is an intense, sexy Israeli film about two men caught on opposite sides of the Middle East conflict.

Below you’ll find a list of all eight to hit my radar, with trailers and links to their Netflix page. There are two instant-streamers available, A Perfect Ending and Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. I’ve marked those with an asterisk.

CLOUDBURST: “Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dot (Brenda Fricker), a lesbian couple, escape from their nursing home and head to Canada to get married. Along the way, they pick up a young male hitchhiker, a troubled soul who has much to learn about courage from the two ladies.” (2011, U.S., 93 min.)



LAURENCE ANYWAYS: “Thirtysomething high school teacher Laurence seems to have the perfect life, but when he confesses to his fiancée that he wants to live as a woman, he must overcome both her resistance and that of his bewildered family and dubious co-workers.” (2012, Canada/France, 168 min.)

OUT IN THE DARK: “Sparks fly when Roy, an Israeli lawyer, and Nimr, a Palestinian graduate student, meet at a bar in Tel Aviv. But their budding relationship is threatened when Nimr’s student visa is revoked and he faces deportation.” (2012, Israel, 96 min.)

A PERFECT ENDING*: “After confessing an unusual secret, repressed wife Rebecca Westbridge is prompted by her friends to explore her sexuality with a high-priced call girl. Apprehensive but intrigued by the prospect, Rebecca embarks on an erotic tryst.”(2012, U.S. 110 min.)

SCATTER MY ASHES AT BERGDORF’S*: “This documentary peels back the curtain at Bergdorf Goodman, the iconic New York store that’s been launching design careers for more than a century. Key creative personnel and fans such as Joan Rivers and Candice Bergen discuss Bergdorf’s appeal.” (2013, U.S. 93 min.)