Oddsmakers Surprisingly Forecasting an Awful Season for the Sixers

Vegas's over/under line for Sixers victories? 16.5

ESPN reports that oddsmakers have set the Sixers’ over/under line for this season at 16.5. We’re … taking the under.

As the regular season tips off, the over-under for 76ers victories is 16.5, the lowest of any team and the lowest total LVH sports book oddsmaker Jeff Sherman can remember putting up on any NBA team in the past decade or so.

That means optimistic Philly fans (assuming there are any for a team with only a handful of legitimate NBA players) can win if they bet their team will win 17 times during the 82-game season. Conversely, those who think the 76ers are even worse than they seem can cash in if the win total is 16 or fewer.

The good news? That means this Sixers team might not challenge the 1972-73 Sixers team for the worst NBA season ever. (That team won just nine of 82 games.) The flip side? The Sixers have 9,999-1 odds against winning the championship. So if you bet now and they win … well, you’ll get very rich.

The other thing all of this means? The great old Sixers theme song is actually counting up the victory total for the season: