Guys, Tom Ridge Changed Mind on Gay Marriage *Months Ago*

This isn't news!

There are several local reports out about Tom Ridge’s “reversal” on gay rights, following a BuzzFeed story in which the former governor is quoted criticizing his own party’s alienating “self-righteousness” on LGBT issues. OK, that’s fine, but lets not treat this stance like it’s some recent shift!

As we told you back in March, Ridge signed an amicus brief urging the Supremes to strike down California’s Prop 8 ban. At the time, of course, this was notable: Ridge signed Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage and hadn’t publicly indicated his support for same-sex marriage until the brief. So, just to be clear, Tom Ridge has been a gay rights proponent since at least March, 2013.

What is news is that Ridge will stump for Corbett–the incumbent’s opposition to gay marriage notwithstanding. “I respect Gov. Corbett, he’s a friend of mine — he’s just doing his job, and I think we just leave it at that,” he told BuzzFeed.