BUY THIS: Futuristic Tee Reminds You to Sit Up Straight

upcoutureI’ve noticed a lot of hype on other gay blogs this week about a shirt that gives you instant pecs. It’s basically the equivalent of a stuffed bra, which, no matter how hot it makes you look at the club, will inevitably lead to some awkward hanky-panky time later in the evening.

I’ve got a better solution if you’re looking for clothing that’ll give you that extra lift: Paris fashion label UpCouture sent me one of its Up T-shirts, which gives the appearance of looking more fit without making you look like a Dolly Parton wannabe. Instead, it encourages better posture with patches of resistance fabric that’s sewn into the shoulders and upper back. When your body starts to slouch, it sort of grabs hold of you to remind you it to sit up straight — sort of like your grandma always did but without the disapproving glare.

It’s made in Paris (ooh la, la) with organic cotton, and comes in a range of hues — white, steel blue, black, bright red, camel and lime. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, but it’s not cheap. One of these bad boys will cost you $170, which, if I’m playing devil’s advocate, will buy you at least three or four months at the gym if you’d rather tone up the natural way.

A lot of us don’t have time for all that, though, so if you’re looking for wardrobe with a boost, check out the Up T here.