You’re Not Going to Believe This, But A Philly Politician’s Office Was Raided by Investigators

Sen. Leanna Washington says the target of the investigation is unclear.

Is it news when investigators raid a Philly politician’s office anymore? Let’s find out, because it happened Friday to State Sen. Leanna Washington, a Philadelphia Democrat. CBS Philly reports:

Sen. Leanna Washington, D-Philadelphia, said in a statement through a spokeswoman that the agents arrived at her Philadelphia and Montgomery County offices on Friday.

Washington’s office would not immediately say what they agents wanted or what they took. But two people familiar with a search warrant provided by the attorney general’s office said the agents were seeking boxes of information or paraphernalia related to political activity and copies of information on the offices’ computers.

The Senate Democratic caucus issued a statement through a spokeswoman saying they were aware that the attorney general’s office was seeking information concerning Washington’s office and that they would fully comply and cooperate with prosecutors.

Washington has been in office since 2005.