Philly Boston Terrier Ellie Chosen as Portlandia‘s Ultimate Underdog

Pooch has won, ahem, a walk-on role.

Ellie the Portlandia underdogA local Boston Terrier named Ellie has won a walk-on role with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein during the upcoming season of Portlandia.

Quoth the press release:

“After a thorough search of thousands of pups – Portlandia’s underdog has been chosen… meet Ellie!  Ellie, the most memorable face of the litter, has won the grand prize of a walk on role during the new season of Portlandia.  Ellie the Boston Terrier hails from Philadelphia where she is currently being showered with TLC after a recent operation.

“Check out the  photo of Ellie and get prepared for her big break on Season 4!”

And now, some hot dog footage from Portlandia: