Inky Journos Just Hoping Owners Don’t Blow Up the Newspapers

"The Guild plans to be Switzerland."

The Inquirer reports that Teamsters picketed … the Inquirer on Tuesday, complaining that Publisher Robert C. Hall has made bad business decisions that have deprived the company of money, which in turn has been bad for employees like the Teamsters. “He’s made some serious blunders that are costing everybody,” said John P. Laigaie, president of Teamsters Local 628.

The protest comes during a battle between the paper’s owners over the recent dismissal of Editor Bill Marimow, of course. Interestingly, the Newspaper Guild—the union that represents the journalists of the Inquirer, Daily News, and—is trying to keep a low profile in that particular brouhaha.

And for good reason:  “The Guild plans to be Switzerland,” said Howard Gensler, president of the union. “We don’t want the owners to take the last remaining money the company has and blow it on lawyers.” Makes sense.