New York Times’ David Carr chimes in on the Marimow firing, weeps

"So now it has come to this: Rich guys warring over an asset that shrinks every day."

David Carr, whose beacon shines in particularly bad situations in media, wrote his Sunday Media Equation column on the firing of Inquirer editor Bill Marimow, who left the paper dodging the crossfire of Interstate Media’s head-locked owners, George Norcross and Lewis Katz.

Carr shares a perspective with essentially everyone who isn’t Norcross or his daughter (who runs That Marimow’s firing is both practically significant and symbolic of the “link bait” direction the entire enterprise is headed.

And if the fact that Norcross installed his 25-year-old daughter was hitherto little more than a nugget of local gossip, now everyone knows.

“Philadelphia deserves better,” he wrote. [NYTimes]