Penn Endowment Kicking Ivy League Butt Right Now

Better than Harvard! Better than Princeton!

 Penn’s endowment returns are so far leading the pack in the Ivy League. In FY 2013, which ended June 30th, Penn’s bank account grew by 14.4%.

“Among peers that have released fiscal 2013 data, Brown University’s investment performance — a 12.6 percent return, as of June 30 — is currently second in the Ivies, behind Penn. Harvard and Yale universities, which have the two largest endowments in American higher education, saw investment returns of 11.3 percent and 12.5 percent, respectively.”

As I noted earlier this year, Penn’s testing out a new investment strategy based on the legendary “Yale model.” I warned then that it might very well fail; following the financial collapse, the Yale model’s risky strategy netted it some massive losses. (Penn’s, well, Quaker approach kept it on more solid ground.) As of now, though, the gambit appears to be paying off.