13 National Media Outlets Going Nuts About Corbett’s Incest Gaffe

Everybody, meet our hapless governor!

The news that Tom Corbett said something mind-blowingly stupid and insensitive this morning quickly dominated local headlines this morning. But by this afternoon, it was everywhere. I mean, everywhere. (Reminder: He compared gay marriage to a brother and sister marrying, “don’t you think?)

USA Today

Buzzfeed (“cringe-inducing”)

Christian Post

NY Post (right underneath a post about Obamacare’s “F**KYO” secret insult hotline)


Atlantic Wire (“Corbett Evolves on Gay Marriage, Compares it to Incest”)


Slate (“PA Governor Exchanges One Inappropriate Gay-Marriage Analogy for Another)


Chicago Tribune


Washington Post

MSNBC (“Bigotry isn’t funny.” Wait, was Corbett trying to make a joke?)