Kansas City Keeps Finding Atrocious Ways to Remind Andy Reid of the 14 Years He Spent in Philadelphia

Witness: "The Kansas City Chiefsteak."

Poor Andy Reid. He leaves Philadelphia after 14 years, gets a great fresh start in Kansas City—4-0!—but finds out that the people there will probably always know him best for … the 14 years he spent in Philadelphia. Once again, the man can’t win. This time, though, at least it’s not because of poor clock management.

Anyway, Exhbit A for our argument here is … the Kansas City Chiefsteak. Pitch Weekly’s Jonathan Bender describes this new offering (from the concessions crew at Arrowhead Stadium, natch) as a “footlong bun loaded down with smoked brisket, primary-colored swatches of cheese and bell peppers, and a burping river of barbecue sauce.”

Bender adds: “The stadium has introduced its newest sandwich in homage to Andy Reid, the mustachioed head coach whose most recent previous job was in the city of angioplasty. (Philadelphia has not officially adopted this slogan. Yet.)”

Mostly, the sandwich is a mess. “Add the Chiefsteak to the list of Philly-hopeful sandwiches that fall short. But some things – like football fans who use Cheez Whiz to dull their battery-throwing, expletive-spewing pain in the wake of the great Chip Kelly experiment – are best left to that city anyway.” Just like we can leave the lazy clichés to Kansas City alt-weekly writers!