Wawa Now Offers Tables and Chairs. Maybe Next You’d Like Napkins and Plastic Forks, Mr. Fancypants?

Wawa strays from its roots by catering to the "sit down to eat a meal" elites.

We haven’t seen the new chairs and tables at Wawa, but we imagine this is what they look like.

The Inky’s Joseph DiStefano discovers that the new Wawa on Route 202—between Wilmington and Concordville—has chairs. And tables. He writes: “This 16-gas-pump, hoagies-smokes-snacks-and-Cokes shop adds four two-seater metal tables on the porch sidewalk, amid the square, stone porch pillars, inviting customers to sit awhile.” It’s based on an experiment at the company’s Florida stores. Of course, in Florida, they have sunshine in January. Philadelphia? Not as much. It’ll be fun to see the table used to create snow drifts, though.