Hugh Douglas Arrested for Attacking Woman; Philly Beginning to Consider Possibility He Is An Awful, Awful Person

Former Eagle Hugh Douglas, fired from ESPN this summer for using a racial slur against a colleague, is in trouble again.  WFSB in Connecticut has the story:

Douglas was arrested in downtown Hartford after police said he violently attacked a woman at a hotel.

Police said Douglas got into a fight at a woman at the Marriott Hotel at Adriaen’s Landing.

According to court documents, Douglas “grabbed her by the neck” and “slammed her into the walls several times.” The court papers go on to say that Douglas told investigators the victim’s injuries happened during rough sex.

Douglas was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation. Douglas was arraigned on Tuesday and his next court appearance is Oct. 21.

Somebody might tell Douglas that there’s an opening for someone of his qualifications at the Coatesville school district.