SMIZE QUEEN: Model Hookups and Cat Fights Galore

Every week, Alexander Kacala recaps the latest episode of America's Next Top Model.

This week, Renee’s battle with Jourdan heated up, while she also spiced things up with Marvin under the sheets. But it was the plot twist at the end of the episode that had jaws dropping and everyone talking. 

Jourdan sobs over not getting picked for an L.A. Fashion Week runway show.

MINI CHALLENGE: The models had the chance to book runway shows with Paulie Gibson, XCVI, and Civil Society during L.A. Fashion Week. Jourdan went into the challenge cocky because she knows she has a good walk. But despite being told by a designer that her walk is “too good,” her bland personality stopped her from being picked. She wasn’t alone at the bottom of the totem pole, where Marvin also landed due to his little-boy looks. On the runway, the models strutted their stuff to win. Don, Renee and Phil turned out amazing performances, but it was Renee who held her own up there and got the attention of judges to get the highest score of the bunch.

ROMANCE BREAK: Renee ended up giving into “Starvin’ Marvin’s” attempts woo her, and she crept into his bed late one night. Snuggling is all that probably happened, even though Marvin did tell her he had a condom. No glove, no love … especially when Tyra is watching!

CHALLENGE: Laying in grass surrounded by myriad objects and wearing fairy tale couture was the banal basis of this challenge. Jourdan tried sabotaging Renee by throwing a frog in her face. Ribbit!

GAY FOR PAY: When Johnny Wujak (above, right) complimented Chris H. for being hot during his photo shoot, Chris responded with “You’re not so bad yourself.” A flustered Johnny rebutted this flirtation with, “I got a boyfriend.” Yeah, a effing hot boyfriend (above, left) that would put all these boys to shame.

DRAMA BREAK: Back in the house, it was girls vs. boys when Renee stated that a girl will win, because modeling is a female-dominated profession. The boys battled back that the numbers beg to differ, with five boys still in the competition and only three girls. Shady bitches be shady regardless of sex.

TOPS: Chris H. rocked at this challenge with a photo reminiscent of Twilight, finally knocking Jourdan out of the Tyra Suite. Nina and Renee were close behind.

BOTTOMS: Three boys found themselves at the bottom this week, but it was Jesus Phil (above) who went sauntering to the loser’s circle … but maybe not for long.

PLOT TWIST: Tyra revealed that a model who was previously eliminated would return to the competition based on their social media scores. Once they return, they will board a plane with the other models and book it to Bali for the remainder of the competition. Tyra announced that Alexandra (above, crying tears of joy) was the highest score, and brought her back into the competition, but then she surprised the contestants by announcing that a boy would be returning, too. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if it’s Phil, Jeremy or Ice Cream Truck Mike.

BEST SOUNDBYTE: “Revenge is a bitch, baby, and trust me, bitch is an understatement when it comes to me” — Renee talking about how she’s coming for Jourdan. Me-ow!

CORY WATCH: Cory stayed out of the spotlight this week, with producers focusing mostly on the drama between the ladies. His ability to be masculine has grown, and the judges have noticed. My prediction is that our boy gets to at least top five, with Jourdan, Renee, Don and Chris H.

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