Philly Restaurants Host Celebrity Diners as Movie Business Makes Its Way to Philly

When in town for work or pleasure, the world’s celebrities have to eat somewhere. This being Philly, a city of great restaurants, celebs have their pick of virtually any cuisine their famous little hearts desire. From Chinese to Italian, Philly fine eateries fill the bellies of even the beautiful people among us.

Which, of course, is why Justin Bieber went to the Olive Garden on Broad Street the last time he was here. Only the best for the world’s hottest teen star.

Philly girl Taylor Swift keeps things a little more refined when in town, shirking the ketchupy marinara of the Olive Garden for Ralph’s massive chicken parm platter. She even leaves exorbitant tips behind.

Everyone, though, is trying to catch the plate of Philly favorite Bradley Cooper. Who, to no one’s surprise, is apparently just a regular dude:

Bradley Cooper is a big star now, but he’s a Philly guy at heart. And when he wants pizza, he heads to Slice on Sansom Street.

“His pizza is a Margherita, which has fresh mozzarella, fresh basil on it and he also puts prosciutto on it”, says Slice owner Jason Dilks. “I just felt like I could have been friends with him, that’s how friendly he was.”

Other Philly favorites like Patti LaBelle and Will Smith hit up Ms. Tootsie’s for some classic soul food. Which, of course, proves that Philly is a good enough town to do lunch in for our favorite stars—but they wouldn’t want to live here. [CBS]