MONDAY KICKSTARTER: Trans Student Becomes First in Nation to Win Homecoming Queen, Then Harassed by Hateful Cyber Bullies

I trolled the web for LGBT headlines all weekend so you wouldn't have to.

Teen Cassidy Lynn Campbell made history when she became the nation's first trans homecoming queen, but her joy was short lived when an army of cyber bullies went after her with attacks. Read news about her win and the subsequent bashing via the links below.

Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was great and you’re ready to kick this Monday into high gear. To give you some help, I’ve gathered some of the top LGBT headlines from the past few days to get you up to speed with the news. This week, there’s lots of trans news  — from the teen girl who was crowned homecoming queen in California to the professor who was forced out of his job at a Christian college for coming out as transgender. Speaking of “Christian,” it’s interesting how that word appears in not one but two of our not-so-good-news mentions of the week. Tsk, tsk. 






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