CONCERT REVIEW: Icona Pop Killed It Last Night at TLA

Photos and commentary from last night's show.

Last night, Swedish electronic duo Icona Pop brought their booming, gay-loved party anthems to a packed house at TLA. The 45-minute set included every track from their new album (out tomorrow), and each number pumped up the young, energetic crowd a little more than the last. A few standout moments included their fist-pumping performances of “All Night,” “Girlfriend” and “Ready For The Weekend.” But let’s face it, there wasn’t a single number the crowd didn’t go crazy over, especially at the end when the duo banged out their signature hit, “I Love It.” If I couldn’t tell who the gays were in the audience before, they definitely lit up like fireflies when that last number came on. It was a fun, fun night that I’m definitely still feeling today … 

For more on Icona Pop’s trip to Philly, check out the Q&A I did last week with one-half o the group, Caroline Hjelt, and look below for more snaps from last night.

Icona Pop's Caroline Hjelt (left) and Aino Jawo.

Crowd view from the back.

Aino Jawo on guitar.

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