Andy Reid Eviscerates Sal Paolantonio, Reveals Actual Personality

Two things happened after last night’s loss to Andy Reid. (Because that’s what it was. Andy vs. the Eagles. And Andy won.) One, Andy Reid completely shredded Sal Paolantonio during a post-game interview. He spent a fair amount of time ignoring Sal to embrace other people, and actually accused Sal of “blocking” his path. And then delivered these two zingers.

About Sal: “This guy’s not that important right here.”

About a big 3rd down conversion, sardonically: “That was as big as Sal Paolantonio, baby.”

Two, in doing so, he revealed a striking amount of actual personality. New team, new man.

Why might Andy be pissed at longtime Philly scribe Sal Pal? Maybe it was this extended takedown of Andy he gave in January, during which he suggested no NFL team in its right mind would want to hire Reid.

So I don’t know why [Arizona’s] Bidwills would want to hire a guy who they just, you know, they killed the team when they were out there.  It was one of the most embarrassing performances by the Eagles all year long.  So, frankly, I was shocked that there was that much interest.

Well, Andy got the last word. Several times.

Video here, via ESPN.