Sixers Owner Josh Harris Makes It Onto Forbes “400 Richest” List

The Sixers may be the least successful of Philly’s four pro sports teams over the past 10 years, but their newish majority owner, Josh Harris, is filthy rich. And I do mean filthy.

Forbes released its “Forbes 400” yesterday, running down the country’s wealthiest Americans (or, well, 400 of them anyway). Of the 400, 32 were sports team owners, and Harris is the only Philadelphia sports team owner to crack the poll. Better luck next year, Jeff.

Harris, 48, snagged spot 222 on the list, with $2.5 billion in personal wealth. The Sixers, though, aren’t Harris’ only sports investment: He also pulls profit from Flyers rivals the New Jersey Devils. He must be doing something right, considering that the Sixers are worth twice as much now as when he bought the team two years ago.

Unfortunately, as cool as it is having a Philly sports team owner in Forbes, Harris’ paltry $2.5 billion can’t touch Paul Allen, owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, who has a net worth of about $16 billion. That’s Scrooge McDuck wealth—the guy could swim in his money if he wanted to.

Perhaps if the Sixers pick up the pace some, Harris will join him someday. [CBS]