Schoolmageddon ’13: Councilman Jim Kenney Wants to Rent Out the City’s Luxury Boxes… For the Kids

School’s already off to a rough start for Philly’s 137,000 public school students, but providing them with the proper equipment ought smooth things over a little bit. Mayor Nutter recognized this last week with the establishment of the Philadelphia Educational Supplies Fund. Unfortunately, though, it’ll cost about $500,000 to do it right.

Which, of course, is where Councilman Jim Kenney (and those massive plots of land in South Philly known as “stadiums”) come in. Kenney today passed along a plan to Mayor Nutter suggesting leasing of the city’s luxury boxes at the Linc, Citizens Bank Park and the Wells Fargo Center. Also known as the “Mayor’s Box,” the luxury rooms at the stadiums could net up to $30,000 per game per team. Concerts, of course, would provide even more cash.

Or, in Kenney’s own words from the letter:

“By leasing on a per game/event basis rather than on an annual lease, we can make these boxes affordable for smaller and mid-size businesses that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a yearly lease”, Kenney added. “I understand that since 2008, 54% of all tickets have been distributed to schools, nonprofits, recreation centers and other groups. I appreciate your work in this effort, but I believe that the needs of our students in the classroom must take precedence.”

With the potential to generate upward of $1 million, Kenney’s plan is far from a solution to the $304 million budget deficit the Philadelphia School District has been suffering. It would, however, move us $1 million closer to the black.

Besides, Nutter’s probably tired of dealing with Riley Cooper, anyway.