Ruben Amaro Jr. Will Be the GM of Your 2014 Philadelphia Phillies

Despite widespread belief that Ruben Amaro Jr., not Charlie Manuel, is responsible for this year’s dismal Phillies showing, it is Amaro who will keep his job. The Inky’s Matt Gelb broke that news as part of a broader Q&A with team president David Montgomery.

INQ: Given that chain of command, Ruben is under contract next year, but will he be back?

DM: Oh, Ruben is our general manager.

INQ: What is your confidence level in him being the guy to turn it around?

DM: I guess I have a broader perspective than other people do. I’ve seen Ruben at work since 1999. I’ve seen the diligence he’s put in as an assistant GM. I think he benefited greatly from the opportunity to work under two very good, but very different general managers in style with Ed [Wade] and Pat [Gillick]. It’s good we have both of their services still involved.

The interview covers a lot of topics, so read the whole thing.