Topless Robot Lists “15 Nerdiest Places in Philadelphia”

The Topless Robot website has listed the 15 nerdiest places in Philadelphia. It’s a cool list, filled with some obvious tourist attractions—the Liberty Bell is nerdy?—but with a few hints to places that even locals might want to give a try.

Topping the list, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the Mutter Museum.  “Marvelous and macabre, the Mütter Museum is easily the creepiest place in Philadelphia. (Take it from a local, that’s saying a lot). Part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Museum is packed with old medical instruments, preserved body parts and other items that will either make you compelled or nauseous. While medical students regularly come here to learn about the various ways the human body can go wrong, even more visit to gawk at the freak show spectacle of figures such as the “Soap Lady,” a woman whose mouth is contorted into an eternal scream and whose body tissue has transformed into a soap-like substance. Then there are the tumors on display.” Good times.