A New World Trade Center … In Camden?

The former site of the Riverfront State Prison in North Camden will get a makeover in the form of a 2.3 million square-foot world trade center if development firm Waterfront Renaissance Associates gets its way. And, of course, what better day to pitch it to city planning board than on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

WRA will be working with the World Trade Center of Philadelphia to broker the deal, reflecting the structure of the world’s existing trade centers via partnering with a trade services provider:

The proposed Camden complex would be called the Greater Philadelphia World Trade Center, said Schiffman, who noted land in Philadelphia originally planned for a trade center “is no longer appropriate.”

The preliminary project design in Camden includes 2.3 million square feet of space with four stand-alone phases. The plan will create subcampuses to create a feel of small commercial neighborhoods, while integrating each into the greater 16-plus-acre project.

The idea here is to create jobs for ailing Camden, or at least bring some employed people into town—a task for which WRA managing partner Martin Schiffman says there isn’t “anyone in the area who comes close” to his firm.

For Camden’s sake, let’s hope so. [Courier Post]