WATCH: Philly Gay Man Named ‘Most Original Stoli Guy’ Finalist

Biology student Billy Cavallo is repping Philly in a national contest to find Philly's LGBT ambassador.

In a competition at iCandy a few weeks ago, Philly student Billy Cavallo was named a finalist in “The Most Original Stoli Guy” competition, a challenge that goes to gay bars all over the country to find one gay dude to become Stoli’s national LGBT ambassador. Today, Queerty published an interview with him that went a little something like this: 

How did your friends and family react when you were crowned The Most Original Stoli Guy in your hometown?
The best reaction was from my father who came to support me and kept screaming, “I MADE HIM!”

Being an LGBT ambassador for Stoli is an exciting job. Why do you think you’d be the best at it?
I’m a very outgoing and personable individual, and as an ambassador of anything you need to be able to reach to and connect with people. I know my ability to connect with people on a deep level in a short period of time would make me perfect for this task.

What’s your advice for anyone looking to become one of The Most Original Stoli Guys in the country?
Be yourself, don’t hold back, and don’t ever let someone tell you that what your doing is wrong. Follow your heart but keep a clear mind along the way.

Cavallo will compete in the finale with contestants hailing everywhere from Boston to Dallas to Miami on Sept. 19 in New York City. Until then, though, you can help build momentum around our hometown rep by casting a vote for him here. It would be awesome to have Philly recognized in a national contest so, as a friend put it to me earlier today, “People don’t keep calling Philly the fattest and ugliest city.”

As a bonus, catch the video of Cavallo competing at iCandy. You’ll recognize lots of familiar faces — like G Philly summer cover model Gunnar Montana and funny local drag queen Carol Ann Carol Ann.

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