Schoolmageddon ’13: Surely a Class Action Lawsuit Will Solve the Schools Funding Crisis

Rather than a solution, the ongoing schools crisis is continuing to reach a head in the final weekend before students are scheduled to make their return from summer vacation. With no funding secured for a $220 million deficit, teachers are now looking at alternative legal action:

Members of Parents United for Public Education told reporters Thursday night that they’re appalled and worried.

They met with attorneys from the Public Interest Law Center to explore their legal options.

They’re focusing on a state constitutional mandate that guarantees a “thorough and efficient” education for every child.

Lawyers went on to say a class-action lawsuit is a distinct possibility here, especially with the teachers’ union still not having signed a contract deal amidst district-wide staff and program cuts.

Objectively, though, that won’t solve the problem: the litigation will definitely take longer than two days, and the cost of that litigation will only worsen the economic situation of both the city and the teacher’s union. It’s this type of bravado and posturing piled on top of one of the worst school budget crises in the nation that has prevented a solution up until this point.

But, hey, this is Philadelphia. Why would we start helping ourselves now? [Fox]