One Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank Is a Part-Time Philly Resident

We’re not all working-class schlubs here in Philadelphia: some of us actually have money. Enough to invest. Take, for example, Lori Greiner, a businesswoman and inventor local to the area that sells her gear on QVC out in West Chester. She invests all kinds of money, and enough to get her on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Greiner, known as the “warm-blooded shark” on the hit show, prides herself on the more compassionate approach she takes to interrogating inventors and investing on the show. So, what with Greiner being a part-time local at least, someone had to interview her.

That someone is Ellen Gray over at the Daily Times, which today post a short interview with Greiner. In the interview, Greiner talks her most successful invention investment (season eight’s Scrub Daddy), the loneliness of female sharkdom, and the dynamics present on the judges panel.

Plus, she’s actually scared of sharks:

Q. When you think about sharks, you don’t think of them as benevolent creatures.

Right. They’re scary.

They sure are, Lori. They sure are. []