Phillies Minor-Leaguer Breaks Rib. Getting Up From Couch. Oy.

This seems to be a pretty good metaphor for the Phillies organization this season, no?

Now you have an excuse to stay on the couch the next time your spouse/parent/employer asks you to get up and take care of business. Remaining comfortably reclined, preferably with a blanket and the television remote, is in the best interest of your personal health.

They won’t believe you at first, but calmly explain the inherent dangers that come with such strenuous motions. You might break a rib!

Apparently that’s what happened to Phillies single-A third-base prospect Mitch Walding on Sunday. Per Jay Floyd of the blogPhillies Nation (hat tip Deadspin), Walding was having a nice sit in the clubhouse when some jerk manager presumably told him to go field some ground balls or something, and next thing you know, there goes a rib.

To be fair: A stress fracture was already in the rib. Getting off the couch simply finished the job.

And to be even more fair: Let you who don’t risk physical injury by leaving the couch cast the first stone. It’s a dangerous world for sedentary people.