Everybody Hates Tom Corbett. Why He’ll Still Win Re-Election.

Sure, Gov. Tom Corbett’s poll numbers are about as dismal as they come. No matter. At the Patriot-News, Ed Uravic offers seven reasons the gov will win re-election. Among them:

1. Governors always win re-election

Unless he is charged with a crime or seriously accused of corruption, Gov. Tom Corbett will most likely follow the historical trend in Pennsylvania, where every incumbent governor since 1970 (when governors were first allowed to run for a second term) won a second term.

4. There is no Pennsylvania version of Obama

Of course the Democrats will say their candidates will gain traction once the campaign begins in earnest, but none of the candidates has built-in statewide appeal or charisma. Former congressman and military leader Joe Sestak comes close, but he might be gun shy after losing a Senate race to U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey in a blue state.

7. The economy is getting better

It’s more important to voters than the inside baseball games played in the legislature, which only appeals to journalists, pundits and other candidates. Corbett is likely to get money from the Republican legislature for fixing roads and bridges (because they want the money, too) and to continue to “buy back” interest groups with increased spending on social services and education as state revenues climb.

Given the state of things in Philadelphia, it feels a bit late for Corbett to reclaim the education high ground. Is that the case in the rest of the state? With three districts featuring teachers on strike …  we doubt it.