At Last, Spanier Is Free to Visit Holocaust Memorials and Slovakian Weddings

Many moons ago, marooned ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier sought permission to attend a wedding in Slovakia and visit a Holocaust memorial. Fun! He was cruelly denied. He may yet be able to wish the couple a hearty Blahoželám! at the baby shower, however: A judge yesterday granted Spanier conditional permission to travel more broadly, in and out of the United States.

Spanier is now allowed to travel abroad, according to the court order, but he has to give his travel plans 20 days in advance to a designated court official, and the requests will be considered by the court and reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office. Spanier must include his full itinerary — arrival, departure, airline information, as well as people with whom he will associate — and he must document whether the country has an extradition treaty with the United States.

Phew! Slovakia has one! You never know who’s going to try and pull a Snowden… [Centre Daily Times]